Blue Gin, Blueberries & Bluegrass

27 strings of fury. This is what Yonder Mountain String Band should be called. These guys get all the hippies on their feet and shakin’ them asses.

Let’s see, the evening started out at J-Rock’s place with blue gin & tonics and blueberries. Shortly after the last berry, Stats, G-man, Chuck & China showed up which resulted in more berries matched with some hash. fucked.

We got to the show with enough time to spare to get a pint heineken. Then we got rocked for a good two hours by the 27 strings of fury.
After the show we went to good old Copelands for some G&Ts. Dan wasn’t there but we still had a man on the inside who gave us the hook up. After that we headed by to J-Rocks grabbed the beer and started out on foot back to Uptown. (Bad idea)

Try to imagine this scene, three severely intoxicated guys carrying 2 cases of beer walking down the street at midnight on a Saturday. Everything was going fine untill about 2 or 3 blocks away from my apartment (or so I’m told) we made a left hand turn and before I had realized what was going on we were about 10 blocks off course. I’m really not sure how it happened but it did. So we get turned around and Chuck wants to order a pizza. So I give him my phone and he proceeds. They call when we are about 5 blocks away and say that they’re there. So Chuck decides that we need to run. And run we did, but apon arriving (finally) we see no pizzaman. Apparently Pizza Luce still thinks I live off of Groveland and that is where he is. So after a long walk and a short run we are in the comfort of my appartment eating some of the best Pizza Minneapolis has to offer. All in all a well put-together evening. Peace out April.

Today is Sunday, May 1rst

And it has been snowing on and off all day. Minnesota’s the coolest.

Since I had to bring China home anyway I thought it would be a good idea to pick up the phuton that he said he was going to give me. However, there were 3, very distinct reasons that I knew this was a bad idea and that it probably wouldn’t get accomplished:

1. After a night like last night, one’s brain isn’t functioning at maximum capacity.
2. All the necessary parts for said phuton were scattered like Chinese talismans throughout the southern suburbs.
3. Most of it was at Bauers house, and like I said before after a night like last, the only thing you can really manage to do well is sit on a couch, eat food, drink beer and watch the worst garbage you can find on TV. Bauer’s house is perfect for that.

Needless to say, I don’t have a phuton. But I did get a plant back from Bauer that used to be mine, but traded half ownership of it along with another for the other half of a ping-pong table I used to own (untill my roomate decided he was going to bang some chick on it and snap the damn thing in-half) which he claims that he didn’t do because his girlfriend would probably have his nuts cut off. So now I have a plant and the beer that Chuck and China left here, good weekend.