This is for the Gz……..And this for the Hustlas.


Snoop Dog @ the U.S. Bank Theater @ the Target Center, 4.21.05. Ya, apparently U.S. Bank owns the rights to have there name at the Target Center.

That is not the point. SNOOP MOTHER-FUCKIN DIZ-OG at the Target Ceneter.

One word: Big Money Hustlin’

To tell you the truth I’m a bit surprised, well not really I knew Snoop had it in him, but damn. Backed by a live band (with the bass bumpin’ and the keys dropin’) he literaly rocked the motha fuckin hiz-ouse.

Good show with a jamin freestyle session. Rhymes were alright, but the beat was dope. Wicked bass & Groovy keys. One thing I will say, Snoop must like keep his bee-aches drunk as hell, because the back up dancers looked hammer-wasted.

So that makes it:
4-6: Lateef & The Gift of Gab
4-8: Handsome Boy Modeling School
4-17: Medeski, Martin & Wood
4-21: Snoop Dogg
4-23: The Cool Waters Band
4-29: Yonder Mountain String Band

I love spring.

3 thoughts on “This is for the Gz……..And this for the Hustlas.

  1. Andrew Long

    I have only seen the Perceptionist this year. (it’s hard to get out with 4 kids and a crazy busy wife). You should pee them out if you haven’t already. Plus, Twilight sentinels from Nap town gave a good introduction. I did see the Perceptionist earlier in the year when they opened for Sector 9 tribe. Their drummer kicks ass.

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