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Wheels of Steele

I’m not really sure if today(or yesterday as it were) sucked or not.

Today(yesterday) started off like most days have started off recently, at a bar at 12:01. This part was ok, there was a band and lesbians. It was however snowing like a bastard out, and I had to ride home in it, this was not ok. Came back here to 2 drunk girls laying on my floor and drinking my milk, not too happy about the latter.

I had to wake up early to get my car from Tire Plus, because it had a nail in the tire, bad. But I some how managed to get it fixed for free, good. I also had to get up early to print of a tri-fold for a client at Bean-dips, bad – he never answered.

So I had to go to Kinkos, always bad. Spent $11 printing one 8.5 x 11, very bad. Got back to my car and ran into some old lady’s car, bad for me, worse for her. No damage to the Jetta, her car on the other hand is a little fucked, could be bad for me – insurance wise.

I made it to my meeting on time, ate a club sandwich and showed client my work, good. He likes, and needs to show his boss, good. Came back home and have been here ever since. Nap, shower, movie, food – all good.

A Tab on Nils

And a late night in Minneapolis.

Imagine this covered in 4 inches of snow.  Next remember how I said 2 Tuesday’s ago I ate shit riding home in the snow going down a hill.  Now put 2+2 together.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “I love Minneapolis.”  That however, doesn’t mean I have completely geographicaly oriented my self to it.  This is either the (left 2 right) Lake Street Bridge & 35, or Lake Street Bridge & 94.  Which ever one it is, it’s close

That’s Minneapolis on the left, and Minnapolis on the Right.  With the Mississippi flowing through it. (PREMIUM!)

Happy not Christmas anymore, and I hope all my fellow bloggers get fucking wasted on Saturday.

A Wet Fucking Spendmas 2

I really do like Christmas, I just think it has gotten out of hand over these past few years.

A pig, ney A ROCKETPIG once said, “A horse designed by a committee often turns out to be a camel.”

A Wet Fucking Spendmas

Bing Crosby
Bing would be pretty disappointed right now, it’s raining like a shitty day in March.

But at least this holiday shit is almost over with.  I’m sure we’re still on “Last Minute Gift Ideas,” but before you know it they’ll switch to, “A New Year – A New You”

and before you now it they’ll be “The Proud Sponor of the US Olympic Team.”


Who wants $10,000


It’s simply amazing what people can accomplish when they put there minds to it.
Anyway, there’s a virtual version at the site that’s pretty fun –

Today is Monday

And the start of my three week vacation from school.  I’ve got to pick-up the Mangina from the airport at 2:30.  From there I would bet the farm that there will be drinks.  And tomorrow is the day.

There are three things, possibly four things that these two need to play a good game of pong.

1. Practice
2. Room to maneuver
3. Not too much booze.
4. This maybe only true for one: A bunch of dope.

Now if you can guess which one we did have, then you might have an idea why we almost lost to some shmuck and his girlfriend in doubles.  I said almost, because we did take the best of three, but it wasn’t a pretty sight.  I guess what I’m getting at is that I need a table again, or become friends with someone who has one, because I am fucking rusty.

On a completely unrelated topic, another one says farewell to Minneapolis.

Thanks for the hour of free drinking, and good luck in DC.

Longest Weekend Ever.

I’m making shirts out of this shit.  I don’t know how but someday, clothes will be made with fibger optic thread that displays video.

Does anybody out there have a Awia or Sony CD Player that was maed recently, say in the last 3 years? I have one in my car >>>>>that one over there that one of you should buy>>>>>>>>>>>>.  We’ll get back to that.  So Sony/BMG/most over labels owned by have been caught in a litte tiff about installing “spyware” on people computer in an effort to sqaush digital piracy. What I want to konw is if they did something to the their players.  My player in my car will not play CD’s after I import them into my computer.

1. Purchase CD for local retailer.
2. Use teeth to get plastic of the CD
3. Put it in player and listen to it on the way home.
4. Get home, import
5. Next day try to listen to new CD in car, no dice.

To my knowledege this only happens with CDs that where made recently, and by SONY/BMG. It really irks me, and I need to get to the bottom of this.

I Only Fell Twice, & …

I smell like cabbage.

We’ll get back to that in a minute. So not only did I run into; someone I used to work with back at the FUCK SHOW, my mother’s next door neighboor, Bean Dip’s girlfriend, I ran into someone I’ve know about only through blogging.  Richard’s friend Bryan.  Didn’t chat much cause I was late to class, but seemed about right.  The only thing I thought was off, was that I thought he was taller than me for some reason, but I’d say we’re the same height. So now all I need to do is go to Vancouver, Alaska, and New York and I think I’ll be set.

So I stink like ass.  That’s because I just back from the Kitty Cat Club where the always fantastic Keston & Westdal >>>>>> played. Tonight’s set was; dope, ill, slamin’, tight & off the chain. Especially the second set, which they played with DJ Zen Rock, aka: “Knows what’s up with Pabst.” You could see the energy flow while they were playing, the whole trio was groving – very good set.

Wait, stinking like ass has nothing to do with seeing them play, riding home in a quality snow fall is what atributes to that.  And yes I did fall twice; once because I was going way too fast down a hill and hit some pot holes and my bike slid out from under me, and a second time to possibly stay un-plowed into by a car. So my bike is full of snow..

my thumb kinda hurts from falling that second time, were a lady actually asked me if I was alright.  Which is funny because all I could do was laugh and say yes.

So I’m home in one piece and my pancaking feet are dry!

If you have any need to buy new shoes, buy these. I was wearing them around the other day when it was around 11 degress with no socks on and my feet didn’t get cold for one second.

See ya Frank.

So four children wander into a closet and wind up saving the world.
Basic premise for Chronicles of Narnia, which I saw on Saturday night. Good stuff. The only thing that bothers me is these kids just end up being able to kick ass, and the fact that I want to know what happens next but I don’t really want to read the books, they should have made them all at the same time.

Come next Thursday I will be on a three-week hiatus from school. THREE WEEKS I haven’t had three weeks off of anything in like 6 years.

It’s going to be fucking great. I know that I should use that time to work, and promote myself, but who am I kidding – I’ll be drinking. I know this because as we speak I should be doing homework, but instead…